For running stores

Our plan is to partner with running stores across the USA and Canada to work in win/win ways to promote the running trips to Copper Canyon, the running camps, and the journeys to the US for barefoot runners to participate in Ultra events and marathons.

We can supply quality events for local stores and provide trips and experiences that the clientele of running stores will love. Here is a summary:

Copper Canyon Running Tour

From the experts at Authentic Copper Canyon

  • Make your store famous! 
  • Give your customers once-in-a-lifetime experiences!
  • Become the most talked about retail establishment in your community!
  • Contribute to the lives and community of the Tarahumara Barefoot Runners!

We offer two ways you can be the local connection to the barefoot runners of Copper Canyon, made famous in “Born to Run”:

1.  Bring Tarahumara runners to your customers. Host a promotional event for your store with our team of barefoot runners.

  • Meet and greet with Tarahumara runners in your store
  • Include a fun run
  • Could be in association with an area race
  • Include a presentation on Copper Canyon

2.  Take your customers to the land of the Tarahumara where they can run with the Indians in their native environment. We have trips to Copper Canyon, Mexico for any level of runner.

  • Run the trails of the Tarahumara homeland
  • See the wonders of a canyon deeper & longer than the Grand Canyon
  • Ride the rails of “Chepe,” the world renowned passenger train in Copper Canyon
  • Be adventurous on the zipline and the gondola in Divisadero
  • Learn huarachi tying, running techniques, rarajipari and bola games
  • Experience a sweat lodge and other local activities
  • Enjoy norteno food and drink and the gracious Sierra Madre vibe

Our experienced team is the premier travel provider for Copper Canyon, Mexico for small, customized trips. 

  • Gustavo, Alfredo, Mario, Tito—some of the local guides who know the Tarahumara well and are advocates for the runners.
  • Tarahumara runners, including Miguel Lara, and Arnolfo Quimire of “Born to Run” fame.
  • Dave and Debbie Hensleigh, owners of Authentic Copper Canyon.  Dave is an avid runner who has made his mark in the canyons for the past 5 years, taking hundreds of travelers to the area.

The “big idea” for the Copper Canyon Running Tour is to bring sustainable industry to the Tarahumara people in the canyons.  Skilled runners as well as support staff in local hotels and eateries will benefit greatly from these efforts.


Dave and Debbie Hensleigh


Arnolfo Quimare of “Born to Run” fame is on our team and cam be a part of events at running stores in the US. Shown here getting his US visa  at the consulate in Chihuahua City.