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New Adventure and Sports Trip to Mexico City

Our running trips to Chihuahua were the first of their kind and give US runners a chance to experience the barefoot runners made famous by “Born to Run”. We also have adventure trips to Baja and the other locations in interior Mexico we serve. Now we are initiating the first ever sports trips to Mexico […]

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Monarch Butterflies on Endangered Species List?

One more step was taken in the direction of protection for the monarch butterfly two days ago. There has been much concern the last 20 years or so about the declining populations of this 3000 mile migrator. Though monarch populations seem to be up this year, there is widespread concern over the effect of pesticides, […]

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Yes, We Offer A Baja Wildlife Cruise!

Hands on experience with sea turtles, whale sharks, gray whales birthing ….and all on the Sea of Cortez. ¬† A typical¬†brochure for this Cruise in Baja has all the info. Call Dave today for more help. 217.369.9897

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