Our purpose is to provide a genuine “real Mexico” experience for you that enriches your life and the lives of our friends in Mexico.
We accomplish this by keeping our groups small and being sure your trip is excellent and in touch with the culture and customs of the Copper Canyon area. We take you to real rural Mexico and our trademark is to walk the streets, experience the land, and truly appreciate the Sierra Madre vibe.

And…we know adventure!

We Invest in the People of Copper Canyon

At Authentic Copper Canyon, we are committed to making a difference in helping meet the basic needs of the people of Copper Canyon. 10% of our profit goes directly to needs there and our current target is “Fundación Tarahumara José A. Llaguno” as they serve the Tarahumara Indians.

We are also starting the “Copper Canyon Chicken Project“. This is our initiative to bring flocks of laying chickens to homes in the Sierra Madres. $25 provides 10 young layers and starter food- this will keep a family in eggs for 2-3 years!

What exactly can I expect on my Copper Canyon adventure trip?

A typical day includes 2-4 hours rolling along on the Copper Canyon train, some time to explore at our destination, and always something memorable…like visiting a Tarahumara Indian village, taking a short hike to a beautiful vista point overlooking the canyon, exploring a genuine Mexican market, etc.

Trips can be totally biking or running or whatever…we specialize is designing trips for you.

We use “Leave No Trace” practices in Copper Canyon:

It is our policy and practice to make every responsible effort to leave the Sierra Madres as we found them…or cleaner and more environmentally secure.


  • The food is awesome…come hungry.
  • There is always plenty of time for visiting with the locals or exploring the landscape.
  • The train is fun…you can lean out the window and gawk at the knock-out views or hang out in the dining car and try your Spanish or relax in your seat and visit or whatever!
  • We value spontaneity, fun, and the enrichment of all involved.
  • Each of our adventures will be safe, well-planned, memorable, and most of all an authentic experience.
  • When you book one of our trips to Copper Canyon, you can look forward to an adventure of a lifetime!

Join us to be part of this Authentic Copper Canyon experience. It will make a difference in your life and in the lives of the people of Copper Canyon.

The Tarahumara are the indigenous people of the Sierra Madres. Their fascinating culture is one of the aspects of our adventures there.