Copper Canyon Running Tour

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The “barefoot” running feet of Miguel Lara, Ultra champion. Now you can run the trails of Copper Canyon with Miguel and other local runners on the Copper Canyon Running Tour.

Many have asked me over the years about the amazing Raramuri runners. Now there is a heightened interest in these incredible athletes not only because of “Born to Run” but also because of the recentĀ  Tarahumara starvation crisis.

So I have put together a running trip to Copper Canyon so that people can go and run with the barefoot runners. This Copper Canyon Running Tour is a part of our initiative to bring industry to the Tarahumara people. Also included in this initiative are running camps in the US, and journeys to the US with Tarahumara runners to compete in Ultra marathon events. We often do events with running stores in association with these events.

<Note: Our new running trip “The Copper Canyon Running Tour” can go on about any date for your group of 4 or more.

Call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email for more info>

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Running trips to Copper Canyon

Running camps in the USA

Running store partnerships

Tarahumara runners at US Ultras

Arnolfo Quimare featured in “Born to Run” is one of our team of runners from Copper Canyon.