What is it like on this trip and the train?

Check out these videos…from a recent trip…click the highlighted words:

-CHEPE bridge in the mountains   –Sunriseover Copper canyo

-Making adobe with feet and hands.   -Tarahumara woman weaving a basket

-The great 180 bridge at Temoris   -The bar car on CHEPE

Tunnel 83, bridge, and lake on CHEPE   -The mighty cliffs at Divisadero.

When are trips scheduled in 2013?

Monthly. Special trips can be arranged for groups or occasions. Running trips are scheduled for Feb, March, and April, 2013. See our Upcoming Trips page for details on all our trips.

One of our specialties is designing adventure travel for small groups. If you have a group of 4 or more, call Dave at 217.369.9897 or email davehensleigh@gmail.com and see what the possibilities are designed around your schedule and adventure preferences.

Any month of the year will work for travel there and the environment changes with each season. Usually we do not schedule trips for June as it is a bit dusty and hot. July begins the rainy season and the canyons freshen. We can give suggestions based on your interests.

Where does my trip start and end?

El Paso, TX or Chihuahua City, Mexico. We are glad to book your flight to and from there for you, especially for groups. Call us for details.

It is also possible to return from Los Mochis or from Cabo or La Paz in Baja.

When we travel from El Paso, we cross at St Teresa, NM and travel either down through Casas Grandes or Chihuahua City.

Is this a hiking trip where I sleep on the ground?

Sure, if you want. there are excellent remote areas either along the canyon rims (nice for warmer seasons) or down into canyon areas, a nice option for cool seasons.

We can supply any needed gear and food…as well as horse and/or burro support if needed.

For those into softer adventure options, we stay each night in local hotels or inns. You will have the opportunity to hike around and explore if you want. As far as minimum fitness, you need to be able to get on and off the train with your luggage and to be able to walk moderate distances comfortably. I suggest you walk a half hour or so daily for 30 days before the trip as a minimum.

What are the hotels like?

They are all clean and have comfortable beds. Each has hot water showers and towels provided. Most of all, they are in out of the way places with charm and some cultural or historical interest.

How much luggage can I bring?

Basically the maximum you are allowed to carry on an airline is what is recommended- a small piece of luggage and then another small bag or day pack. We have a recommended packing list for you.

Can I drink the water?

Yes…there is bottled water available almost everywhere along the trip including aboard the train.

Is Mexico safe?

Quite safe. Actually, our guests often feel more secure on our trips than they do in American cities. I recommend that you use common sense and go out with someone else.

Our recent blog articles discuss the security situation there. The overall picture is that with reasonable precautions, the canyon areas are safe for travel.

Does Mexico have our kind of electricity?

Yes…so bring your camera charger or whatever essential small device you may need.

What about telephones in Mexico?

You can buy a phone card at one of the little stores and use it at a telephone on the street. US cell phones get poor coverage and are expensive unless you have an international plan. I carry a Mexican cell for emergencies and our hosts have land lines.

What is the train like?

The trains are roomy, clean, and secure. You will have a reserved seat, but you are free to get up and roam around, gaze out the open windows between the cars (my favorite place), visit with others (try your spanish), or stop into the dining car. You will recieve a guide to keep track of the sites, bridges (35), and tunnels (86) along this incredible journey.

Will I have free time to explore?

Absolutely. I recommend you take off in pairs. This is an adventure trip and we will get you in touch with out of the way places to check out.

What about the elevation?

We will pass over the Continental Divide and through some 8000ft elvations. However our evenings are lower than this…like 7000ft max and some are at low tropical elevations.

Are all Authentic trips the same?

They vary month by month to include scenery, history, architecture, cuisine, etc. We can always design a trip for you if you have a group of 6 or more.

We also offer a Baja option which includes the train experience and several days yachting up through remote islands on the Sea of Cotez…here are some photos>>. This option can include lots of kayaking, snorkeling, whale-watching, and SCUBA>

For a discussion of trips and the Authentic way see our blog>>

What does a trip cost?

Mexico is one of the few great affordable destinations. Our 9 day train trip is just $1,695 double occupancy. Discounts are available for groups and families. We can also arrange an “on your own” trip for you which is economical and a great adventure.

Adventure trips are often customized for groups so the itineraries and prices vary.

What is included when I book my trip?

All expenses (transport, guides, food, lodging) once you get to El Paso or Chihuahua City, except for four meals. For trips over 7 days you also pay a small tourist tax (app $25). 

So how do I get started and book a trip?

You can simply respond on this site (Request Info page), call Dave at 217.369.9897, or email davehensleigh@gmail.com

How do you enrich the lives of those living in Copper Canyon?

One way this company will help enrich those who host us in Mexico is by contributing 10% of profits to social service partners in the Copper Canyon area. Right now our funds are going to Fundación Tarahumara José A. Llaguno to help in their work with Tarahumara Indians.

We are also starting the Copper Canyon Chicken Project soon to supply needed fresh laying flocks to Copper Canyon families.

What other resources will make my trip even better?

  • Carry the sun in your pocket to Mexico…or anywhere the sun shines with Solar Goose™ lighting products. This is one of the greatest and most practical inventions from my friend, Tom Chorman.
  • Unique hiking and camping on the Urique River, in the heart of Copper Canyonwww.coppercanyontrails.org. If you want the real thing in hiking the depths of this great place, contact Mike and Cathy for more info.
  • This blog >>will give you more info and updates on Copper Canyon
  • For the best travel guide on Mexico go to Carl Franz’s “People’s Guide to Mexico” site>>


  • Adventure Specialists is a preferred partner of ours. Gary and Amy offer some of the world’s best horse trips to Peru, Spain, and other destinations

Where can I find more photos of Copper Canyon?

Right here on our site in the photo gallery or check out these pics of the train and especially Cerocahui from the New York Times  click here>>

Below are some frequently asked questions about our adventure trips in Copper Canyon. If you have any further questions, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.