Monarch Butterflies on Endangered Species List?

by on 31/12/14 at 4:59 am

Monarch butterfly reserves

Billions of monarch butterfly numbers in the mid 1990s are now reduced to some millions as they travel from the USA to central Mexico.

One more step was taken in the direction of protection for the monarch butterfly two days ago. There has been much concern the last 20 years or so about the declining populations of this 3000 mile migrator. Though monarch populations seem to be up this year, there is widespread concern over the effect of pesticides, herbicide killing of host milkweed plants and decimation of forest nesting areas’ in central Mexico.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued a bulletin Monday entitled “Service Initiates Status Review of Monarch Butterfly under the Endangered Species Act”. Monarch Watch subscribers have been discussing this move and there is optimism that it may open the door for protective measures for the threatened monarchs and their fragile habitat.

Our trips there to Mexico in February and March will give you an up close experience with these amazing little creatures.


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