The Javelina Jundred

by on 29/10/14 at 9:36 am

Raramuri Running Project

The Javelina Jundred is this weekend in Phoenix.

The Javelina Jundred happens this weekend in Phoenix and some of our Raramuri Running Project guys will be there. It looks like they will be driving out of Chihuahua –I was just there and Alfredo Murillo said his son Alex will drive them up.

We started on this project 4 years ago when some of the runners wanted to run in the USA. The visa process was lengthy and expensive, but now a whole group of runners and helpers have visas to travel to the USA.

This travel to US Ultras is just a part of the project. The bigger idea is to build sustainable work for the runners and their families as we take groups of runners there to run the Copper Canyon trails.

The Javelina event is run in loops and gets rolling October 31 with registration. The early on Nov 1, the race starts–go for it guys! The race is closed for registration, but if you are in Phoenix, go check it out.

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