Places to Run or Jog in Juarez

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Yes Juarez is safe for runners

First of all YES, I go to Juarez often, I enjoy the place and my every experience, evidence and impression is that is is safe for gringos. Juraez is a prime example of how we in the US get the jaded angle of everything Mexican. Sure they have had issues here, but we lose track of how every day a million or so people go about business here while a small group shoot at each other- very occasionally harming others.

Yes, I am in Juarez right now and I have walked the streets last night and this morning getting a snack, running, visiting with new friends. Actually this place stikes me as sort of like a southwestern city like Albuquerque or Phoenix except for a few very important things. It is friendlier, the hotels are better and cheaper, the food is certainly better and cheaper and most importantly- I fell safer here. I even hypothesize that if you remove all the bad guy stuff they do with each other, this place is hands down safer for regular people like you and me than many US cities and certainly than many international.

Running spots in Juarez

I have used two places that are quite good- actually three.

One is around the area of the new US Consulate in southwest Juarez. There are numerous streets in that area especially east of the consulate that weave through condo areas- very nice. I have run there with our little team of Tarahumara runners. One note on hotels there in that area: The Hotel Consulado Inn is a good cheap stay and the Maria Bonita is a nice mid price place with excellent food.

Tarahumara Runners

Two of our Tarahumara running team with Dave Hensleigh.

Another good run is right by the border and the Cordova/ Bridge of the Americas. There is a large park there (land that used to be part of the USA and the reason Abe Lincoln is a hero to Mexicans- long story) and it has good paths and even some vendors near the bridge that have drinks and some mean sandwiches with avocado.

My fave us a track at the intersection of Avenida de las Americas and 16 de Septiembre/Triunfo de la Republica. This is a six lane soft track that is open early and late- very nice. I was there this morning and there were probably 100 or so people there running and walking. Good lane etiquette and friendly people. One note is that along Triunfo to the east are several hotels including the very nice Lucerna Hotel or the more economical iStay across the street- both goof options.

Juarez Marathon

Every year in October is the Maraton GNJ and this one is on October 20, 2013. I ran the half last year and it was excellent. Great crowd, about 2500 runners, well organized, and it runs early in the morning to avoid sun and heat. Not sure I will be able to do this years event but possibly my wife and I will catch it. Debbie is busy with her business at Beringer Real Estate in Champaign Urbana and now she has launched so she is a bit booked.

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