Run Rabbit Run 100 miler

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Run Rabbit Run, 2012

Fred and Paul and all the crew at the Run Rabbit Run 100 mile ultra welcomed us last September to Steamboat Springs, CO and it was a huge experience. Our Copper Canyon Running Tour team showed up and the guys ran well- though they did not finish. Actually only 17 of the top 48 “elite” runners (they call them hares at RRR) even finished the course.


Run Rabbit Run

Miguel Lara at about mile 25 of Run Rabbit Run in Steamboat.

So what happened?

We had a lot of difficulty. The guys had car trouble coming ou of Mexico and were delayed  a day. It was hard to get the runners to eat and drink- this was their first trip to the “otro lada” and they were excited. They took out fast- especially Miguel- and that really cost them. They (like many other runners) got lost on the course. Actually Miguel was wandering about in the dark at 10p above Halverson Hall thinking bears were going to get him. The course was incredibly hard- Timmy Powers said as he finished that that was the worst he had ever felt on a run. Most of the finishers made similar comments.

So much for he reasons.

The runners loved the experience and want to come back. It is our plan to get them to other ultras throughout 2013.

Arnolfo Quimare

Arnolfo Quimare meets the press at Run Rabbit Run.

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