Copper Canyon and Baja

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The best way to travel Copper Canyon

We spend a lot  of time in Copper Canyon and know the Copper Canyon train well. People often ask- it is perhaps the most frequent question- which direction is best to travel on the train. Or perhaps they ask if they should start a Copper Canyon tour on the west (Los Mochis) or east (Chihuahua City) end of CHEPE. I usually do not give a strong opinion as it depends on the time of year, where people want to end up, their interests, etc. Those who assert that west is best or east is best usually are ones who have no flex to their itineraries or who own hotels on one end or the other.

Ending in Baja is a great option

I think a greatly overlooked option for an excellent Copper Canyon train trip is to start in El Paso, first night in Casas Grandes, down through Copper Canyon, across the Sea of Cortez by plane or Baja Ferries, and out through Cabo. This can help keep air costs down, gives a full experince in the canyons, and includes some beach time/ Baja time in La Paz, Todos Santos, Cabo, etc.

We can include and island cruise

One huge option is to include 5 days to board a boat and head up along the Baja coast to snorkel, walk the beaches and just relax in the silence. The weather any time of year works for this. November through March are the better times for whales, but even with fewer whale sightings, this is a journey filled with wildlife and the wonder of the Baja environment.

We partner with Panterra

Panterra eco-expeditions is our excellent partner in Baja, Their boat is new, well equipped for small groups (14 or less) and the staff are very knowledgeable. They know the coast, the villages, the wildlife and the culture.

Sea of Cortez


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