Hiking in Copper Canyon

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Places to hike in Copper Canyon

There are so many…but one of the important things to note is that the trails are rough in general, remote in many cases, and water availability is spotty. Our Copper Canyon trips often include the opportunity for a brisk day hike or even single or multinight excursions into the canyons. We always have a local leading because they know the place inside out including water resources along the way.

Where we hike in Copper Canyon

Around Temoris there are some cool options- like hiking right down to the train station from 3000 ft up. This one is slippy and you have to be careful

The hikes around Gallego overlook and down to the town of Urique are good- very scenic.

Batopilas is surrounded by canyon walls and offers many options. Our friend Maxey there knows every crevice of that place and can walk for days.

Around Areponapuchi and Divisadero there are multiple options both around the new gondola and ziplines and also in remote areas.

Creel has many options including the Cusarare waterfalls and also bikes are available from Tres Amigos. They have maps as well.

There are many more- Basasiachi Falls, around Chihuahua City, Moctezuma mountain near Casas Grandes, etc.

Best time of year to hike Copper Canyon

Really anytime of year will work- you just have to be aware of the climate. Fall is nice and green but you can get rained on. Winter is cooler and makes lower elevations doable but it can snow at upper elevations. Spring is nice but it is dry and the wind can really bow in the areas north of the canyons. Summer has stabile weather but can get quite dusty and of course hot at lower elevations.


Hiking in Copper Canyon

The Copper Canyon trails can be rigorous and long.

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