Our New Running Trip in Copper Canyon

by on 13/03/12 at 12:54 pm

Many have asked me about the amazing Raramuri runners. There is a heightened interest in these incredible athletes not only because of “Born to Run” but also because of the Tarahumara starvation crisis lately.So I have put together a running trip to Copper Canyon. Our expert team there has helped design an experience so that people can go and run with the barefoot runners….and enjoy the majestic Copper Canyon.

Here is the proposed itinerary:

Day 1- arrive El Paso and transfer to Chihuahua City. See the city on an evening run.

Day 2- board the Copper Canyon train for Creel and catch a late afternoon jog around the rugged Tarahumara areas with one of them.

Day 4- reboard the train and head for Cerocahui and lodge high in Perochi ejido at San Isidro Lodge. Theis is the home to some up and coming Raramuri runners and there will be plenty of time to run with these fine young men.

Day 5 and 6- train to Areponapuchi and the great views of Copper Canyon. Many options here for road or trail running with our barefoot friends.

Day 7- van to Casas Grandes and an evening run through Paquime.

Day 8- return to El Paso and fly home.

I can schedule this trip at any time for 4 or more people.

We can take your group on this trip on about any date- call Dave for details or email davehensleigh@gmail.com.


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  1. Copper Canyon Guy

    Nov 6th, 2012

    People just love our adventure trips…I think it is our expert crew!

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