The barefoot runners of Porochi ejido

by on 18/01/12 at 12:01 pm

Recently on one of our train trips to Copper Canyon, I “ran” across several young Raramuri guys who are beginning to win races around Mexico- like 100K races. They live in a remote ejido above Cerocahui, just south of the Bahuichivo stop on the Copper Canyon train. This was a contact that I have been wanting to make and the guys at San Isidro Lodge made it happen.

Mario and Tito run this cool little lodge on the road to Urique and the ejido is in that same area.

My first meeting with Miguel.

The one of the group who has run first in a number of races is Miguel. He came ambling out of the woods when we called- he had been cutting wood with an axe hand fashioned out of a car axle.

Every part of this young guy’s body is athletic…his training is the rigorous life in the Sierra Madres.

So anyway, my interest is to get Miguel and his friends some sponsorship from US based shoe companies who are capitalizing on the barefoot running craze set of by the best seller “Born to Run”. Also they want to participate in 100 mile races in the US such as Angeles Crest, the   Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, and the Leadville 100 mile.

Miguel and his buddies from Porochi have been winning 100k races in Mexico, often beating runners who have endorsements from major shoe companies.

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  1. Jackson Abramson

    Nov 19th, 2012

    Algunos montaban a caballo, llevando lanzas, y otros iban de a pie con boleadoras atadas a la cintura.

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