How to Lace a Tarahumara Huarache

by on 11/05/11 at 10:29 am

Recently we were enjoying a traditional “discada” with an Authentic Copper Canyon group high above the Sierra Madre canyons prepared by Lola Mancinas. It was delicious- meat, peppers, vegetables, avocado, fresh tortillas and pico- wonderful.

Lola’s brother (she is from a family of 13 or so) showed up and helped with lunch. Geronimo is a character and is well known as a horseman and guide for the back country- much like his father was.

Geronimo Mancinas

Anyway, he showed us how to lace up the huaraches so often worn by the Tarahumara in Copper Canyon. These little “shoes” were discussed widely in the bestseller “Born to Run” and have become the source of the barefoot running craze in the US. I mean so many people are seeing the value of minimalist footware. I was wheezing through the Illinois Marathon last year and passed several runners with some kind of “barefoot” shoes on.

Interesting thing in the canyons is that the Tarahumaras just run…they don’t think it is unique or trendy to “run barefoot”. They just run with these minimal little sandals on and are toiugh as nails.

It is am amazing site to see them glide through the pines in the Sierra Madres.

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