What to do in Copper Canyon for ADVENTURE!

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Copper Canyon is full of majestic scenes and cool adventures!


The trails in the Sierra Madres are inviting, and the possibilities for day and overnight trekking are numerous. Terrains and the trails are extremely rugged, and most involve moderate elevation and very rocky situations with lots of incline.

We offer a full range of daily hiking options including jaunts to Tarahumara areas, waterfalls, vistas, and riverside areas.

Multiple day treks are also available and can be burro supported.


Interest in this area and the barefoot running Tarahumara Indians has been fueled this last 18 months by Chris McDoudall’s best seller “Born to Run”. We have places and connections to give runners a genuine connection to the trails and the local Tarahumara runners. One option is to connect a trip to the 54 mile ultra marathon in Urique in early March (Sunday, March 6, 2011).


Excellent and at times rigorous cycling is available in a number of areas. There are partial day trips out from rail towns as well as the possibility of a full 5-8 day trip through lengths of the Copper Canyon lands.


The are a number of ziplines (tirolesas) available at various areas along the railway. However the big zipline at Piedra Volada, when completed, will be one of the world’s great ones. It will be a five stage system with lengths of 570m, 953m, 520m, 1100m, and 940m. This new zipline will be underneath a 60 person gondola just completed and will use the gondola as a return.


Kayaks are available and there are good waters in a number of places- especially at El Fuerte. We offer a Baja add on which includes several days along remote coastlines and islands north of La Paz and the ocean kayaking is superb.


We partner with a Canadian company to provide with a stand alone or add on Sea of Cortez option. The “Narval” is a fully equipped motor yacht with rooms for 14 guests. The typical trip will take us north from La Paz to remote shore and island areas. The underwater terrain is excellent and the wildlife will include whales, sea lion, etc.


Rides can begin from a number of spots in the canyon and the views and experience is super- lots of good terrain and vistas. There are options for 2hr to day long to multiple night horse treks.

You will not want to miss one of our adventures...the trip of a lifetime to one of the greatest places the world has never seen!

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